Jullié’s History

Situated in the northern part of the Beaujeu district, and at the northern extremity of the Rhône administrative division, Jullié is certainly one of the oldest villages in the Beaujolais region. Some say that it’s name was chosen to honor the emperor Julius Caesar. Others evoke the Gentilice Julius, the Julius family line, and the latin word Juliacum which derives from it.

The first official mention of the village dates to 913 A.D. But little is known of its history before the 14th century. At that time, Jullié belonged to Edward of the Rock, a lord of the court who swore fidelity to the Sire of Beaujeu on 1375 A.D. At that time Jullié was linked with Juliénas under the same legal jurisdiction.

Recently, Jullié has linked up with a sister city in Belgium: Leval Trahegnies.